Diving Robots fits for dangerous spots

Perhaps,Most probably we have been seeking human diver diving in most cases.We also have seen robots taking part into diving.But now cases are different.

Its all new technology to make human looking robot for diving.But is can do even more than man.It’s size is almost 5 feet and has got a human looking structure.It has computerized brain on its different parts and has total 8 hands.It can move hands and legs itself.

Its name is OceanOne and it has been invented by a team of computer engineers on Stanford university, USA.It has been made on the Artificial Intelligence(AI).You know AI is becoming the most life leading techniques in the next generation life based technology.

An operator operate the robot from boat and the robot make things done by its Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s dive into how it works : In human body there is a nervous system and it has two parts.Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.And mainly two types of nerve, sensory and motor.Amazingly, this robot has sensory activity and the motor activity is done by mechanical accommodation.It can do delicate works like, finding a very small things in a wrecked skip, box it and return to the employer.

In the seas, in most cases, tele-controlled devices or machines are used.But the inventor of the OceanOne wanted to have something like this and OceanOne has got it.It can go to the places which are very risky,complicated and delicate but it can go easily and smoothly.And one who controls the robot remotely can have a sensation like a real life diving.He can see what OceanOne sees,he can feel what it touches.

Professor Usama Khatib, Stanford university, California, has operated this robot and he expressed that he felt really like a diver and what the robot  was doing was feeling like he was doing himself.

OceanOne has the ability to response to the local stimulus.Scientists are thinking to take it work in Red Sea as its difficult for human being…

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