Web Design 101 : Become an awesome designer

WebDesign 101:Become an awesome designer.

Since the introduction of computers and the internet there is a new development every day. Our lives are so much addicted to them that we cannot just ignore them while living in this modern age. A lot of new professions also emerged as Internet came into being. Web designing is an art that one has to learn. Although it is not much difficult but you need to be creative about what you produce. The customers for whom, you need creative and fresh ideas every time. In addition to that while building this software you need to think like a normal user so that you can design user friendly software.

At the start web designers earned good but then Smartphones were introduced and mobile developers were preferred over web designers. In addition to that the period of recession also played an important role in making time difficult for the web designers. Most of the people stop hiring web designers and started to give out source the work. Moreover companies are reluctant towards hiring inexperienced designers as they feel that they are going to ruin the work. But the reality is that inexperienced and fresh designers have much more new ideas than the old ones.

Here in this article we are going to talk about the things that are going to make you an awesome web designer. We are going to highlight upon the ten most important things that are going to help you become an awesome we developer. By following these steps you will be able to enhance theability you poses to the fullest.

1 . Look at Great Design – Constantly.

If you want to be a good designer, you have to go out on a search for good designs. You need to collect good design from wherever they are available. You should inspire yourself with creative and new designs. You need to explore more and more so that you could find some exceptional ideas from other websites and books.

2.Copy! Copy! Copy!

At first you need to collect a huge amount of designs and after that you need to mix those designs to make a unique and aspiring design for yourself and then copy that particular design on to your work. This step doesn’t means that you have to copy others designs and apply onto your website. It actually means that you get an idea from that design mark them so that you can have them as reference when you need them.

3.Dissect Great Designs

Now after doing the first two steps in a great now comes the time to dissect these designs. You need to know what new things are being used in the designs and use it in your designs too. You should use the designs in such a way that it looks unique and different from others.

4.Use original materials whenever possible

You need to make sure that you use unique and original designs. You have the liberty to get ideas from other designs but you need to edit them in such a way that becomes unique.

5.Network Online—Follow the Design Communities

There is definitely a community that is working related to your work. You need to go out there and join those communities so that you learn the latest trends and make full use of them. There are numerous forums on the internet that could assist you in different ways.

6.Be Competitive – Out Think and Out Work Your Competition

You need to think of different things that are unique from others. There is a lot of competition out there and you have to beat that. You need to out think and out work you competition so that you are the one who is being preferred.  You just do not need to be afraid of competition because competition is the thing that can drive the innovative person that is hiding.

7.Find a “Design Buddy”

If you have a “design buddy” or “design mentor” then it could help you improve a lot. As you would be able to have discussions/critiques with one another. You can also collaborate with them on projects, or you could simply bounce out ideas and concepts .This collaboration is going to make you much more innovative and it will help you think differently.


Numerous designers claim that when they need to stay in the competition of web designers then it is extremely important for them to provide a huge selection of services that are traditionally offered within the industry. To accomplish this they need a diverse range of skills. But diversification is going to scatter your attention thus it is recommended to focus upon one thing and specialise in it so that you become the best in the field and hard to compete.

9.Do real work

You should get your hands on to the real work. The designers are recommended to learn their skills on tutorials and class projects. You need to get real experience so that you know how to work in tough situations. It is recommended to take real life jobs and try to perform them to the best of your ability. If during the job you need to get a new skill then internet is the best source to utilize.

10.Always Do Your Absolute Best—Push Your Limits

You need to push yourself up to the limit. You need to give out your best performance. This is going help you make a better person and a professional as a whole. This is also going to help built trust upon yourself and you will know what kind of potential you possess.

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